Trump Unveils Comprehensive Immigration Policy That Includes Massive Fence Paid For By Mexico

Trump Unveils Comprehensive Immigration Policy That Includes Massive Fence Paid For By Mexico

Donald Trump has laid out an interesting set of policy plans he intends to implement if he becomes Commander in Chief. They include the building of a multibillion dollar wall between the U.S. and Mexico, the abrupt ending of automatic citizenship for babies born in the U.S, and the periodic withdrawal of citizenships for millions of immigrants living and working in the U.S.

Trump, in a six page paper outlining his policy on immigration, has all but sanctioned the mass eviction of immigrants from the U.S. The policy paper, which would affect millions of families and businesses if implemented, has sparked a raw nerve in many hearts, including those of Latinos, African-Americans and other minorities.

One section of paper details how Trump will build a multi-million dollar wall between the U.S. – Mexico border, one that he says the Mexican government will pay for. According to the celebrity billionaire, he would strong arm the Mexican government with tactics including the impounding of cross border remittance payments, the hiking of fees for work visas on Mexican chief executives and diplomats, even cancelling them altogether, and finally hiking of fees for border crossing cards.

In the paper, Trump emphatically states, “The Mexican government has taken the United States to the cleaners. They are responsible for this problem, and they must help pay to clean it up.”

Trump’s immigration policy continues to include details on how he would end the job visas of foreign students, defund sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants, triple the number of U.S. immigration personnel, suspend granting of green cards completely until more Americans enter the workforce and even end automatic citizenship for babies born in the U.S.

Immigration groups have come out strongly to ridicule and castigate the flamboyant candidate.

One group has said the proposals were a “nativist wish-list of ugly proposals” that would leave ”a moral stain on the fabric of this nation.”

Other groups have claimed the moves proposed were unconstitutional, against the 14th Ammendment of the U.S. Constitution and would most certainly cripple the U.S. economy.

Trump was unbowed and unapologetic. In an interview with NBC, he said, “They have to go. Either we have a country or we don’t.”

Though Trump’s verbose antics are striking many in the wrong way, he remains ahead in polling. A recent poll by Fox News shows Trump leading the Republican race with 25 per cent against closest rival former surgeon Ben Carson with 12 per cent.

The Republican front runner has rubbed many the wrong way with his outrageous proclamations and now, policy paper.

However, if the recent polls giving him a double digit lead over other candidates is anything to go by, we will be seeing more of Trump in the coming months of campaigning. The Donald is here to stay.

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