Uber-Like Plow Service Will Remove Snow With Touch Of A Button

It’s snowing and you don’t feel like shoveling? No worries, there’s an app for that.

That is, if you live in New Brunswick province in eastern Canada where Sean Griffith, an entrepreneur is launching an Uber-like snow shoveling and plowing app called ‘Plow Me Out’.

The App, which Griffith will launch early next month, connects customers with a dozen snow plow operators, who can accept the job to plow or shovel snow.

Although the App only applies to Halifax, Moncton and other eastern cities in New Brunswick (which see as much as 127 inches of snow in the average winter), Griffith says he plans to expand across the whole of Canada and then into the U.S. Northeast.

Asked why he thinks people will use the App, especially when many already have a regular plow company, he says he thinks his initial customers will be those who usually shovel their own driveways and those who forgot to contract a plower.

“You set your alarm for 4 a.m. because you know it’s going to take you two hours to shovel 30 cm of snow before you can get your car out. And then you have to go to work – tired, so you think, no, not this time, I’ll just use Plow Me Out,” says Griffith.

The average price for plowing will be between $30 and $45.

Mr Griffith says he got the idea for Plow Me Out last winter, when the snowfall along Canada’s Atlantic provinces was particularly severe.

Although Griffith’s app is supposedly a first for Canada, an American App business called ‘PlowMe’ already offers a similar service in Massachusetts.

Meanwhile, the Canadian City of Ottawa has announced it also will be launching a snow plowing App. This one will be aimed at city residents wanting to know when their neighborhood will be plowed by the city’s public works department.

Instead of calling the City Council’s 311 hotline, residents can download the free app and see where the city plows are and when they will be in their area. The App is aptly named ‘Where’s My Plow’.

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