We Now Know The Unexpected Answer To How ISIS Obtained American Ford Truck

We Now Know The Unexpected Answer To How ISIS Obtained American Ford Truck

About a year ago, pictures were distributed of a Ford F-250 pickup truck being used by members of the Islamic State. The American truck featured an anti-aircraft gun in the bed and a “Mark-1 Plumbing” decal on the driver door. Many people were extremely curious about how the truck ended up in the hands of terrorists, and it appears that the mystery has finally been solved.

Texas resident and owner of Mark-1 Plumbing Mark Oberholtzer was outraged when he saw the picture. He is now suing the Texas Ford dealership of Charlie Thomas Gord for more than $1 million because of financial losses and damages to his company’s reputation caused by the picture.

Oberholtzer says that he once owned the pickup truck, and he never wanted it to end up in the hands of ISIS. Since the picture made rounds, Oberholtzer has received countless acts of harassment, and he has been threatened with violence, injury and death. According to Oberholtzer, he had demanded that the dealership remove his company’s decals before reselling the truck.

According to a CARFAX Vehicle History Report, the F-250 truck was later sold at an auction on November 11, 2013. On December 18 of that same year, the truck was exported from Houston, TX to Mersin, Turkey. This Turkish city is just about 100 miles from ISIS territory. Within a year, the truck was in documented possession of ISIS forces.

This interesting story once again shows that Turkey is working in conjunction with ISIS. However, it is still unknown who exactly in Turkey purchased the truck and sold it to ISIS. It is also undetermined who in the United States conducted the transaction with Turkey in the first place. It’s possible that the person who sold the truck to the unnamed party in Turkey ultimately intended for the truck to end up in the hands of ISIS.

With the prominent decal on the truck, this vehicle was able to be fully traced. However, most vehicles are not going to include such a noticeable feature. Thus, it’s very possible that many American vehicles have ended up in the hands of terrorists. This raises the important question of just how many United States vehicles are being used by ISIS?

It’s also fair to wonder if the United States government knew that the truck was ultimately going to ISIS. It’s almost certain that Turkey is assisting ISIS in multiple ways, but now it’s concerning that the United States might be in on the practice as well.

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