While Food and Medicine Shortages Plague Venezuela Chávez Offspring Party

As well as inheriting the family name of her infamous father, Venezuelan dictator and supposed socialist Hugo Chávez, his favorite daughter Maria Gabriela Chávez also received billions of dollars of his accumulated wealth and the controversy that surrounded it.

According to an investigative article in the latest edition of the publication Diario Las Americas, which cites bank statements and expert asset analysis, Ms Chávez is the wealthiest person in poverty ridden Venezuela, with a net worth of $4.2 billion.

Maria Gabriela, the second eldest of the four children Chávez acknowledged, was the dictator’s favorite and was even appointed first lady when he divorced.

As well as inheriting billions from her father, Chávez reportedly recently made $15 million profit selling rice at inflated prices–in a country where average Venezuelans spend hours lining up for basic goods, due to a socialist rationing system imposed to supposedly counter implemented hyperinflation.

There are shortages of the most basic food items such as milk and vegetable oil, leading to riots in various parts of the country, with one last week resulting in the death of a warehouse worker.
According to Fox News Latino, Chávez is wealthier that Lorenzo Mendoza, the head of one of the country’s largest companies, Polar Foods and Beverages, who current Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has criticized for being a “bigwig” and whose facilities he has “nationalized”.
Maduro himself is also considered very wealthy, though nothing in comparison to the Chávez offspring.

While he publicly supports the Chávez family, President Maduro has reportedly had several run ins with them. Maria Gabriela and older sister Rosa Virginia against his will, still reside in the presidential palace which the Chávez siblings have turned into “an entertainment club for their friends”.

Maduro has tried to get them to leave the palace many times, with his latest attempt being naming Maria Gabriela as an “alternate permanent ambassador” to the United Nations based in New York.
While Venezuela’s socialist government finds money to keep the lavish lifestyle of the Chávez family going, the general population struggle to find food and medicines just to live.

A recent article quoting the head of a major hospital in Caracas, said 60 percent of cancer patients will soon not be able to receive treatment because 20 drugs used in chemotherapy are running out.

Another report said the number of amputations has skyrocketed because there are not adequate supplies of antibiotics medicines to treat limb injuries.

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