While Trump Steals Headlines Bush Fights Back With $10 Million Ad Buy

While Trump Steals Headlines Bush Fights Back With $10 Million Ad Buy

While Donald Trump’s straight talking dominates the media his Republican contenders aren’t sitting on the sidelines. According to reports over the weekend the super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will spend a whopping $10 million on a major TV ad campaign beginning next month.

The buy is the first for the campaign and highlights that while Trump steals attention the Bush political machine is methodically grinding away behind the scenes, preparing for a long and drawn out fight.

A spokesman for Bush’s Right to Rise PAC confirmed that the group will air ads in the critical early voting states of New Hampshire and Iowa on September 15th, and then begin ads in South Carolina the week after.

The commercials will focus heavily on promoting the former Florida governor’s political record and will run until December.

The strategy appears to be focusing on Bush as a competent, well tested leader who can transition from one high office to another, something chief rival Donald Trump can’t claim.

Bush spent the first half of the year soliciting donations for the super PAC, raising more than $100 million, an unprecedented sum of money for this early in a presidential campaign. The stunning amount shows how determined Bush is and also underscores his wide backing amongst GOP donors.

There was no word from the Trump camp about how it plans to respond but it will likely counter the ads to some degree, while continuing to use Trump’s celebrity to gain unpaid media exposure.

While Trump has criticized the use of PACs the large amount raised by Bush has forced him to start four PACs himself. Though is no word on the amount raised thus far but it is likely in the tens of millions of dollars.

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