Why A Utah Shelter’s Remotely Operated Pet Toys Are Important

Why A Utah Shelter’s Remotely Operated Pet Toys Are Important

The Human Society Of Utah launched an innovative new website that allows visitors to control 3 remotely operated pet toys and watch the animals on live video. It effectively allows users to play around with a cat from the comfort of their desk or living room. Cool stuff!

But why is this beyond cute and actually important? Because while it’s admittedly cool / cute / awesome the significance is a bit trickier to spot.

Why this development is important is because charities, like Utah Humane Society, do vital and important work. They do this work on a shoestring budget, often relying on volunteers or personal contributions from workers to close the gaps between the problem and the solution.

In the case of the Humane Society of Utah this is American innovation in action. This is volunteers coming up with a highly creative solution to raise awareness about an important cause. These folks are getting the job done with extremely limited resources and having some fun while doing it.

The group’s website doesn’t just allow random internet people to play with pets. It also accepts donations, features pets available for adoption and provides much needed entertainment for the shelter’s animals. In short, it genius viral marketing that didn’t cost the center much. The technology also gives people a chance to play with cats if they can’t own one — because of an allergy or for financial reasons.

These remarkable staff and volunteers definitely dispel the myth that a shelter is “a sad, depressing place”.

To celebrate the new addition to the shelter, the Humane Society is waiving adoption fees for cats who are at least 7 months old. The waiver lasts through the end of the month. All cats adopted until April 30 will also receive a free microchip.

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