10 Really Strange & Completely Unsolved American Hospital Mysteries


Hospitals are supposed to be a safe place, where you can recover from an injury or otherwise get help. But they're can also make you feel alone and helpless, sometimes with good reason.

Over the years many different mysteries have happened in hospitals. Some are creepy and tragic, while others are just miracles of life or completely unexplained. At first couldn't believe a few of these could happen and as we dug deeper things got stranger still. So strange, in fact, we just had to share ten of strangest of them with our readers!



The Disappearance Of Joan Gay Croft

Joan Gay Croft disappeared in 1947, just after a tornado. The tornado struck Texas, Oklahoma and even Kansas, killing hundreds of people. She lost both her mother and father during the tornado, and found herself at a hospital with her sister. In the middle of the night two army men came in and grabbed her, and she was never to be seen again. Except that in 1999, she supposedly sent e-mails to a newspaper company although these were never confirmed.

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Ann Arbor Hospital Murders

In the summer of 1975 it was rumored that two Filipino nurses were poisoning people in the Veterans Administration Hospital. 35 patients went into asthmatic attacks and 11 of them died. Some people believed that the nurses weren't actually guilty and the deaths were just medical issues, while one of the survivors claimed that they actually saw one of the two nurses come into his room before experiencing the problem. In a highly controversial decision, the pair were convicted in 1977 on strictly circumstantial evidence, in one of the most debated hospital murder mysteries ever.


Benita Chamberlain: Gone in the Wind

Benita Chamberlain was at the Sacred Heart General Hospital in Eugene, Oregon on February 13th, 1978, expecting to give birth to a baby girl. The baby was born 5 weeks earlier than expected, and a relatively low birth weight, requiring the newborn to stay at the hospital for more than 7 days. On February 23rd the doctors told her that the baby was ready to head home, and Benita was of course ecstatic, calling up family and friends to give them the good news. Yet instead of picking up her daughter that day, Benita went missing. While after a few weeks of investigation police found a female thigh in a plastic bag, it was not Benita's. She remains missing to this day.

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Infant Deaths at The Toronto Hospital for Sick Children

During June 1980 to March 1981, there was a surge of infantile death at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. The rate of death was over 600 percent the normal rate for such a hospital. Investigating the deaths led to the chemical Dioxin being discovered in 27-day old Kevin Garnetts' system. Eventually the trail led investigators to Susan Nelles, a nurse at the location. She was arrested for murder despite only circumstantial evidence against her. But the charges were eventually dropped, prompting people still to delve deeper into the case. Amateur investigators found that MBT (a toxic chemical compound) could have been the culprit, likely leeching off of the rubber IV lines and seals into the sick children. Fortunately the chemical was subsequently banned from medical equipment.


The Case Of Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas was a especially lucky (or unlucky) 20 year old male who was helping a friend on a New York street corner when an assailant turned around and stabbed him multiple times. He was hit three times in total, injuring his heart, liver and gallbladder. With his intestines literally hanging outside of his stomach he made his way to hospital, where his chances of survival were quite slim. After his heart actually stopped and with his innards covered with feces due to his intestines being punctured, he miraculously pulled through over six hours of surgery and survived the horrific attack. Doctors were astounded that he survived the surgery and didn't succumb to infection. Owen claimed that during the ordeal he actually saw heaven for himself.


Missing: Philistine Saintcyr

Philistine was a Haitian immigrant looking for a better life. He lived in Florida and grew to love the region, but had to go to the hospital on April 26th of 2006, where he was treated for high blood pressure. By the time morning rolled around he was fine and was discharged. The staff helpfully game him directions on how to take the bus home, yet after he left the hospital he was never seen or heard from again. Police believe he may have suffered from dementia but haven't ever solved the mystery of what became of the man.


Patricia Matix & Joyce McFadden

We all have troubles with our loved ones every now and then, but this tragic ordeal is truly depraved. Both women worked at a cancer research laboratory in Riverside Hospital, in Columbus (Ohio). The hospital supervisor stopped by the lab late one evening and was greeted with a horrendous sight: Joyce was hog tied on the floor and had been brutally murdered.

When police came to investigate they found Patricia in a nearby room used for cold storage, also stabbed to death. Joyce has 19 stab wounds and a slit throat while Patricia had 16. Patricia's husband William Mattix was immediately found to be a person of interest, as he quickly cashed in on a $350,000 life insurance claim. But the gruesome killings were never solved and rumors persisted that Mattix and the husband of Joyce had killed each others wives in an insurance scheme. The mystery was never solved but both men actually died in a shootout with the FBI in 1986.


Dr. “X”

Carl Rohbeck thought he needed routine hernia surgery and was taken to the Riverdell Hospital in Oradell, New Jersey, where his surgeon, Dr. Jacalevich, made a quick decision to cancel it. Not shortly long after Carl passed away, and over the next 10 months 8 more people would suffer the same suspicious fate.

In 1966 an empty bottle of tubocurarine, a muscle relaxant used for surgeries, was found in Dr. Jacalevich's locker, who became the prime suspect in the suspicious deaths. Investigators believed he tainted the patients to try and sabotage the careers of his colleagues, but all charges against him were eventually dropped due to insufficient evidence.


Missing: Tavish Sutton

Tavish Sutton was a one month old child when he was brought to the Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta on March 6th, 1993. He underwent successful minor surgery to get rid of an abscess on his body, with the procedure being a complete success. At the time of the srugery Tavish was legally being cared for by the Department of Family and Children Services, due to his mother suffering from schizophrenia and being committed to a mental institution. Only three days after Tavish was admitted, he disappeared, vanishing without a trace. A nurse had seen him no more than 15 minutes prior to his disappearance.

The case was never solved though Tavish's mother ended up with a cash settlement and rumors of a woman pretending to be pregnant lurking around the hospital persisted for years.


Chucky McGivern

Baby Chucky suffered from a rare condition known as Reye's Syndrome and was given just a ten percent chance of survival, but that was enough for his mother. In her search for a miracle, she decided to make use of a St. John Neumann religious medal. The medal itself is the story because it actually helped the miracle come true.

The medal had been put together alongside two other medals using a safety pin, all facing upright. But whenever Chucky's mother would come back to her son's room it would be facing down.

The mystery got deeper as a St. John picture mysteriously appeared taped to the wall at some point, although nobody admitted to placing it there and there was also a unidentified small boy going into the room constantly to talk with Chucky and his family, although whenever security was called they couldn't even find him.

All this activity became a deep mystery after Chucky was so sick a priest administered last rights yet Chucky would reverse course, get better, and live through the disease in what can only be described as a miracle.

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