China Rocked By Multiple Severe Bombings With Seven Dead

China has been attacked by multiple bomb explosions in the past few days.

The first attack consisted of 17 major bomb explosions that killed at least seven people, while wounding an additional 51. The attack took place in the prefecture of Liuzhou.

A 33 year old individual with the last name of Wei has been identified as the most likely suspect for this attack. Wei was detained by Chinese authorities, who have not yet identified a motivation for the attack.

But perhaps more troubling is that a second attack occurred one day later in Liucheng. The attack destroyed a residential building, but no casualties have been reported at this time.

Authorities in China do not yet have a suspect in the second attack. The suspect of the first attack was already in custody when the second attack took place.

Liucheng is part of the administration of the Liuzhou prefecture.

The attacks were possibly carried out using parcel bombs. Similar devices were reportedly sent to areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, government offices and prisons. However, this has not yet been confirmed.

It’s clear that the attacker(s) wanted to harm as many people as possible.

The country has already been uneasy as of late due to economic concerns and slowing rates of expansion. The Chinese slowdown has affected commodity prices worldwide. Major commodity trading companies, such as Glencore, have seen significant declines as a result.

Most experts believe that the attacks were not the result of terrorists, but rather from Chinese citizens who are dissatisfied with China’s recent decline. The bombings are being treated as a criminal act by authorities.

Mailing services have been temporarily suspended in the affected areas. The services are set to resume on October 3rd.

Authorities have informed residents in the affected areas to report any suspicious activities.

The second attack took place as China was about to begin a week-long national public holiday.

It is somewhat unusual that China is not censoring this news. The country has historically downplayed such attacks. There might be more to this situation than initially meets the eye.

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