Sleeper Desk Goes From Sitcom Joke To Cutting Edge Office Design

The invention seems like it jumped right out of a Seinfeld episode: a sleeper desk designed for weary workers. Similar in concept to the desk George Costanza had constructed – one where he could take a nap without the bosses seeing him do so – a real sleeper desk has made its way to the drawing board. While it is currently only a prototype, there may be a real demand for it now and in the future.

The “1.6 S.M. of Life Desk” is a stylish and classic-looking work desk that has the unique ability to transform into a bed. It is named after its dimensions and is meant to provide a reprieve for those who spend long hours working or studying at one desk.

It was designed by Athanasia Leivaditou, a member of the architectural firm NL Studio, located in Koropi, Greece, just outside Athens. Leivaditou came up with the idea while studying on her university campus on the other side of town from her apartment. “It was an inspiration that came from the exhausting working hours of my classmates who did not have an apartment close to the university. They were putting chairs together in order to take a nap during the night at the graduate school.”

The Studio explains that, “The main concept was to comment on the fact that many times our lives are ‘shrinking’ in order to fit into the confined space of our office. Eventually, I realized that each civilization may have a very different perception of things depending on its social context. For example, this desk could be used for a siesta or for a few hours of sleep at night on those days when someone struggles to meet deadlines.”

The desk, made from white leather, metal and lacquered wood is truly unique – and Leivaditou might just be onto something.

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