Autumn Brings New Americans Fruits To Taste


If you’re looking for some new fruits to try, then you’re in luck! The autumn season, which officially started on September 23, brings a plethora of new and unique fruits to try.

Additionally, trying these delicious natural occurrences will most likely increase your fruit knowledgeability, as they are all typical afterthoughts in America.

PawPaw | Ohio Magazine

The PawPaw

The pawpaw looks somewhat like a discoloured pear or a yellow avocado. It grows wild along riverbeds and in the forests in eastern parts of the United States.

It was reportedly President Thomas Jefferson’s favorite fruit. The fruit is found in 26 states in America, but it is very hard to find and extremely rare.

People say that the pawpaw tastes like toasted custard mixed with mango and banana. The best way to eat a pawpaw is straight from the tree. One should scoop out the inside and eat it raw.

However, you should avoid the skin and seeds, as they are known to cause intestinal issues. Pawpaws begin ripening in late summer. They are ready for picking between late September and October.

Cloudberry | depositphotos

The CLoudberry

The rare cloudberry is only found in northern parts of the United States. The fruit requires extremely cold climates.

Ripe cloudberries turn a vibrant orange colour, and they have a taste that is like a sour and sweet apple all in one.

The fruit is also high in vitamins A and C, and it can help prevent colon cancer. Cloudberries start becoming ripe in mid-summer, and they can be found through October.

Persimmon | depositphoto

The American Persimmon

The American persimmon is a rather common fruit that can be found in many southern states. The fruit is orange-red in colour, and it has a delicate sweet flavour that is best when the fruit is eaten straight off the tree. The fruit is often used in pies, jams, puddings and molasses.

Hedge Apple | Adobestock

hedge apples

These apples are large, bumpy fruits that somewhat resemble lemons. Despite their name, they are part of the mulberry family.

This fruit is native to the Great Plains. While hedge apples themselves are practically inedible, their seeds however are delicious. They supposedly taste remarkably similar to sunflower seeds.

White Sapote | Adobestock

The white Sapote

The white sapote was brought to the United States by Franciscan Monks. It was traditionally a Mexican fruit however, it is grown throughout California.

The fruit is about the size of an apple, and it is yellow in colour when ripe. It is best consumed raw, and its taste resembles creamy tropical custard. The fruit is sometimes used as a sedative due to its calming effects.

Huckleberry fruits
Huckleberry | depositphotos

The huckleberry

Named after one of Mark Twain’s most famous characters, the Huckleberry is a small berry that is found in northwestern areas of the United States.

It is often confused for blueberries due to its appearance. Huckleberry season typically lasts from August through September.


So all things considered, whichever of these fruits you try, be sure to take advantage of the season to taste something new and unusual! You might just find your new favourite fruit!


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